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About this project...

For my project, I wanted to build a website and blog from start to finish. I chose Mardi Gras in Mobile because i enjoy going to parades. Knowing my dad was a website builder and I am very creative, i knew this was just the right thing to do. 

I began by purchasing a domain name, at GoDaddy. Domains cost around 10$ per year. The domain is your address on the web. I then connected my domain with a hosting plan through GoDaddy. A webstie is hosted on a server where all of the website files are located.

My next step, was to install Word Press on my hosting plan. Word Press is a Content Management System. It is one of the world’s most popular website platform.

Once the website was set up, i began searching for Mardi Gras content.  I visited the City of Mobile’s website to find the parade schedule, as well as the parade route schedule. I then performed a Google Image search for “Mobile Mardi Gras floats” and used photos from sites such as, as well as local news channels WALA and WKRG.

I then setup the Blog feature through WordPress.  A blog is used to share ideas and opinions.  With a blog, one can create daily posts with content, photos, graphics and images. I plan on updating my blog from time to time after completion of this project.